Download Android 11 Wallpapers

Google has announced the newest version of Android, Android 11 (also known as Android R). After beta testing, finally Google has started pushing Android 11 updates to Pixel devices.

Now Google has launched a new Android version, so it is obvious that there will be some new wallpapers in it. So here we are going to share with you Android 11 Wallpapers. You can easily Download Android 11 Wallpapers in Full High-Quality Resolution.

Android 11 Features

In terms of look and feel you won’t see many changes. But lots of new features added in Android 11. One of the best feature of Android 11 is the new Quick Control. With Android 11 you can easily manage your smart home devices. The next new feature of Android 11 is chats heads like Facebook Messenger which supports every app. So now you can easily use Messages, WhatsApp, etc in chat head mode and really this feature is just amazing.

Android 11 comes with an Inbuilt Screen Recording feature where you can record internal audio too.

Android 11 Wallpapers

Google has added lots of new wallpapers to Android 11 which can make your homescreen beautiful. These Android 11 wallpapers are in full high resolution. Below you will get some previews of the wallpapers of Android 11 and along with that, you will get a download link to Download Android 11 Wallpapers.

Android 11 Stock Wallpapers – Previews

Download Android 11 Wallpapers

The Android 11 wallpapers look fantastic and it makes your homescreen/lockscreen beautiful. Below we have putten the Google Drive link and a direct to our app (LitWallz). If you want to download wallpapers from our app then install it and search Android 11 in the search box.

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